The time's they are a changing

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2021.12.04 05:00 JamiroFan2000 "Tallulah Feels Good - James Brown Steppers Enhance Remix" By Africa Foxzy (YouTube)

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2021.12.04 05:00 farklinkbot Does your chewing gum fight COVID-19 on the bedpost overnight?

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2021.12.04 05:00 Imaginary_Visit3662 Lot of Xbox Games -- 15 Total -- TESTED and CLEAN -- Auctions for Xbox 360 and Xbox One Games

Xbox 360 Games:
Xbox One Games:

Both these Listings are auctions
Games Include cases and some include manuals
Games have been tested and in fully working condition.
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2021.12.04 05:00 realtoratyourdoor convertible gt help

Hello everyone, I am just looking for some info about the gt convertible from people who drive one on the regular basis, like the wind noise, I've seen on YouTube that it's a common problem for the soft top to leak, and any other pros and cons of the convertible. I am really torn between purchasing a gt convertible, mx-5, z-4, or 430i next spring. Which ever one I get it will be used as a fun weekend car but can possible turn into a daily driver or split time between my current daily driver so any info on the gt convertible is appreciated thank you.
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2021.12.04 05:00 ZBottPrime Daily Horoscope for the 13 Houses (December 4th, 2021)

Luckiest House of the Day: Serpentes (Snake) That hard work will pay off. Be there to enjoy it.
Sanguine Houses of the Day: Arachnae (Spider), Corvidae (Raven), Rodent (Rat) The today will be Lively and Responsive. Don't let goals get too far out of view while enjoying that carefree joy. The following might experience:

Choleric Houses of the Day: Feline (Cat), Vulpine (Fox), Hyenad (Hyena) Today brings Excitable and Impulsive temperaments. Channel the energy but don't let theatrics to derail the day otherwise others will think you're egocentric. The following have a tendency:
Melancholic Houses of the Day: Ursine (Bear), Chiperaran (Bat), Selachimorpha (Shark) Reserved and Sober will plague the day. This will be balancing act to keep out of unwarranted suspicions, but if the mood can manage it will lead to a breakthrough. The following must resist:
Phlegmatic Houses of the Day: Crocodilia (Crocodile), Canid (Wolf), Squamata (Lizard) Thoughtful and Peaceful is today's central points. The persistent ones can find plenty of time to get some self care. The following should cultivate:
Ascending style: Domestic or Urban Descending style: Anti or Contrasting Retrograde style: Wild or Natural
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2021.12.04 05:00 GlitterGoals How do I distance myself from my mother for mental health without her taking it personally

My mother (50) and I (29F) (only child) have always had a difficult relationship. I know she loves me a lot and has made many sacrifices for me. She is a good person but displays many qualities and behavioral habits that would make it hard for anyone to stomach after time.
Not to throw her under the bus, but I’ll give a few details for reference. She doesn’t respect peoples boundaries (in that she doesn’t seem to remember or respect things you tell her are triggers or have asked her to stop doing) when I call things like this to her attention, she just tells me to shut up or says that she doesn’t like that she has to walk on eggshells around me. She gets moody and the entire focus is shifted. I don’t think this is the case at all, I’ve always hoped she’d be more mindful when she spoke or tolerant of other perspectives, and as I’ve become an adult and she’s gotten worse I can’t keep quiet about it anymore. She often thinks that what she has to say/ express is more important than reading the room or realizing that some things are better left unsaid. She has very strong, unfounded opinions on subjective matters and forcefully states her opinion and thinks any differing opinions are wrong and stupid (guess who she voted for).
That being said, I have sort of given up on any deep connection between us because we will never see eye to eye and she can’t be diplomatic enough to find common ground or at the very least be self aware and open her mind. It’s gotten to where every conversation between us consists of me only saying “yeah”, “okay”, and “mhmm” which she does not notice because conversations with her are one- sided and make you feel like she needs a warm body in the round to talk for hours on end.
Another important detail here- my mom is single and has been for a long time. She’s missing an important relationship in her life and because of this I always felt that she placed unrealistic expectations and pressures on me as a daughter. As a kid and teen she would sit me down and lecture me for hours at a time about me not appreciating her, not carrying my weight in the household, not being emotionally supportive, etc. Even as an adolescent I felt like she had a lot of complaints and I was always getting bitched at when I was fulfilling my responsibilities as a kid, I got good grades and did my chores. I wasn’t her boyfriend and wasn’t responsible for all the issues she complained about. All my childhood I tried my best to be the most I could for her and make her happy enough, to compensate for the loneliness in her life. As I get older I realize that I can never fulfill that void for her, despite the fact that she expects me to carry the weight with her. I see as I got older that she took a LOT of her overall misery in life and singleness out on me. She may not have realized it at the time but she acted in a lot of ways that gave me a lot of anxiety, guilt, and an overwhelming pressure to not let people down. I’ve developed a lot of resentment towards her but anytime we’ve been close to the subject, she victimizes herself, or distracts from the problem by saying “wow I just must’ve been the worst mother in the world”. I finally tell her how manipulative and immature I find that response and how it drives me away.
She openly says these days that all she wants is to be remarried. This breaks my heart and I am one of the only people she has to talk to, but frankly I am tired of hearing it- it places a lot of guilt, sadness and stress on me. Truthfully, my mom is beautiful and has a lot to offer, but until she works on the inside and stops being so superficial, she will not find what she’s looking for.
We’re almost done. Thanks if you’re still with me.
This all comes to a head this year, when I am going through a difficult breakup, ending a 7 year relationship, and am having a really hard time picking up the pieces. When I try to talk to my mom about these feelings, she interrupts me (as she does every time anyone but her is speaking) and says she feels the exact same way, which is actually insulting as I am recently single from a relationship that is more significant than she’s ever had and she has been single from some fizzled fling for years. So not the same at all.
My best friend knows I could use a pick me up and surprises me with tickets for us to take a little vacation and go to Disneyland for a special Christmas event, which unfortunately interferes with my moms 50th birthday. I mention this to my mom and without skipping a beat she says “well you’re the only person I have to spend my birthday with”. Of course I feel horribly guilty and say “you’re right, I’m sorry, I’ll cancel.” Of course this is frustrating because my moms birthday EVERY YEAR consists of just her and I. I spoil her, dote on her and spend more than I can afford all in an effort to turn her mood around since she is extra down and moody because she is all alone and single on her birthday (she’s never taken into account that it’s rude to me who’s just made all this effort, or that if she tries to enjoy herself she might actually have fun). At this point I dread her birthday because I know it will just leave bad energy and more guilt on me.
As her birthday approaches this year, I ask her what she wants to do to celebrate, since, you know, she asked me to cancel a vacation. She says “honestly, nothing”, and I am fuming. I don’t say anything to her because I feel too guilty but I actually can’t believe she didn’t even acknowledge the ironic jackassery.
A few days later Thanksgiving is upon us and she knows I am going through a hard time. At one point she tries to hug me and I tell her I’ll be okay because the embrace would make me break down and I just want to keep it together. She seems to understand. A couple hours later she tries to hug me again and I say no thank you I was trying to keep it together, I try to explain that a non-hug at that time was helping me in the way a hug normally would. She rolls her eyes at me and says “it’s not always about you, ya know”. I didn’t say anything but this was very hurtful and selfish to me.
Okay, you’re at the end. I wish I had a cookie for you.
Christmas is coming, and there has always been a lot of pressure for me to spend Christmas with my mom as I’m an only child so there’s literally no one else to spend the day with my mom. My dad has remarried and knows I’m busy, so he never puts an unhealthy pressure on me for holidays. For 7 years with my ex, we never got to spend Christmas together because I wouldn’t be allowed to leave my mom alone and he has elderly people in his family that he wanted to be able to see while he could (understandable). But this year I need a break, what happened over Thanksgiving and her birthday are far too recent and I can’t emotionally take another depressing, anti-climactic holiday where I’m on edge and irritated all day.
For the first year ever, I’ve decided that I CANNOT spend Christmas with my mom. I’d rather shut everything out and do nothing this holiday if it means I get to avoid the negativity and sadness that surrounds us when we’re together. The big problem is I don’t know how to break it to my mom. I’d love to be honest with her, but we’ve been there before and I have no faith in her emotional maturity. So even worse I’m going to have to hide and lie that I have other plans. Unfortunately no plans, no matter how grand, will be enough for her to be okay with this. Her first concern is not that I’ll have a peaceful holiday, it’s that she’ll be alone on the holiday. But the ironic slap in the fucking face is that when I get guilted into going, she spends her time rambling and complaining that she’s alone. Like why am I here then?!
Any tips on getting out of this one alive with her personality type? The best thing for our relationship is for us to take a long break without me having to tell her why.
Can’t spend Christmas with emotionally immature mom, how to tell her and not be consumed with guilt.
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