I like my friend’s gf

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2021.12.04 04:16 Bannana_Cheese I like my friend’s gf

Idk what to do about I’ve known this guy since Kindergarten and we’ve been best friends for forever. I want to be happy for him but this girl he’s dating I’m just magnetized to do yk what I could do about it cuz I don’t wanna ruin our friendship
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2021.12.04 04:16 Top-Sprinkles-2447 Question about unions??

First time poster here…I’m pretty new to the antiwork community so forgive me if I come across as ignorant.
Anyway, in the early 2010s, I worked for the Kroger grocery chain as a cashier, produce stocker, and eventually a front-end supervisor. I worked there a total of three years while I was in college. I always thought it was bullshit to pay the Kroger union dues every paycheck because the union never really seemed to benefit me. I started out making minimum wage, and only got a $0.10 raise every six months of employment there. When I got “promoted” to be a front-end supervisor, I asked the store manager about any kind of pay increase, since that job title came with a LOT more responsibilities and job duties. I was told it did not. After a few months of wanting to scream every night dealing with idiot customers, I went to my manager again to see if I could negotiate (timidly, I might add. I was a young, naive college kid) a pay raise. The manager told me I could make an appeal to the union board, but I likely wouldn’t get any raise because I was only part-time. I was consistently taking 18-20 credit hours in school and I would often work 5pm-11pm during the week with 8-hour shifts on the weekends. So yeah, not really full time, but I was still in that damn store 5-6 days a week working my ass off. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and comments about how great unions are, but in my one experience working for a unionized company, they seemed to kinda just like to fuck their overworked, underpaid workers. Either that, or my managers were just tools.
I guess there’s no question here. Just a rant.
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2021.12.04 04:16 RedditorsAreGoblins I have four different sets, which set(s) do I wear?

I managed to make three different sets work: Kjalnar's Nightmare monster set (2 of 2), Mother's Sorrow (5 of 5) and Spider Cultist (5 of 5). This enhanced my offense and defense. I ran Rockgrove Trial and pulled five different Bahsei gear. Good job. The problem is the Bahsei gear breaks into each one of these three sets, including my monster set (I pulled both Bahsei head and shoulders).
My question is should I continue to use my go-to three sets of Kjalnar's Nightmare monster set, Mother's Sorrow and Spider Cultist OR should I put my Bahsei set (minus the head and shoulder's because the monster set is a priority) and wear 3 out of 5 Bahsei gear?
What's better for PVE overland/quests, undaunted dungeons, etc?
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2021.12.04 04:16 BESTB4TV I remember Saturday morning going to the pictures, 3 old pence and singing ''we come along on a Saturday morning'' what do you remember, click link below to watch live tv www.bestb4tv.com

I remember Saturday morning going to the pictures, 3 old pence and singing ''we come along on a Saturday morning'' what do you remember, click link below to watch live tv www.bestb4tv.com submitted by BESTB4TV to BESTB4TV [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 04:16 Peviceer Seek help if you are contemplating suicide. You always have someone willing to listen.

United States
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) Veterans press 1 to reach specialised support. Press 2 for Spanish-language support
(The older number, 1-800-SUICIDE, is no longer published by the lifeline agency and will probably stop working in the near future.)
Online Chat: http://chat.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/GetHelp/LifelineChat.aspx
Crisis Text Line: Text "HOME" to 741741.
Youth-Specific services (voice/text/chat/email) from the Boys' Town National Hotline: http://www.yourlifeyourvoice.org/Pages/ways-to-get-help.aspx
Trans Lifeline: 1-877-565-8860
EU Standard Emotional Support Number 116 123 - Free and available in much of Europe, you can check which 116 helplines are available in your country here
Centro de Asistencia al Suicida: https://www.casbuenosaires.com.aayuda 135 (CABA & GBA), (011)5275-1135 (Todo El País/Nationwide)
13 11 14 https://www.lifeline.org.au/crisis-chat/
142, Youth 147 Online: http://www.onlineberatung-telefonseelsorge.at
Dutch: 1813 https://www.zelfmoord1813.be/
French: 0800 32 123 http://www.preventionsuicide.be/flesuicide.html
141 changing to 188 effective 30 June, 2018 Chat, Skype and Email also available at: https://www.cvv.org.b
National Crisis Line from Crisis Services Canada (Pilot Project, phone only at present): 1.833.456.4566
Other Crisis Lines by Region Alternatively, 211 works in most of Canada, and they can advise regarding local resources.
Nationwide Kids Help Phone (Up to age 18): 1.800.668.6868 or text HOME to 686868
Tel: 0800-1110111 oder 0800-1110222
Chat/Email: https://online.telefonseelsorge.de/
70 20 12 01
Lifeline Fiji: 132454
Finland (Suomi)
MIELI Suomen Mielenterveys ry
Kriisipuhelin 09 2525 0111 (suomeksi, 24/7)
Kristelefon 09 2525 0112 (på svenska)
Crisis Helpline 09 2525 0113 (in English and Arabic) / خط مساعدة الأزمات (باللغة العربية)
Suicide Écoute - http://www.suicide-ecoute.f 01 45 39 40 00
sos-amitie - réseau de 50 postes d'écoute Téléphone: Numéros divers, carte ici Chat: Disponible de 13h à 3h, 7 jours ici
1018 or 801 801 99 99 Greece - http://www.suicide-help.g
91-44-2464005 0
1480 6am to 9pm everyday
Samaritans Ireland - https://www.samaritans.org/how-we-can-help/contact-samaritan/ 116 123
Test 50808, Text-based crisis service operated by HSE - https://text50808.ie/ Text Hello to 50808
Childline Ireland - https://www.childline.ie/ Phone 1800 66 66 66, Text 50101
Telefono Amico: http://www.telefonoamico.it/ 199 284 284
Samaritans onlus Italia: http://www.samaritansonlus.org/ 800 86 00 22
Tokyo - Japanese: 3 5286 9090 befrienders-jap.org
Tokyo - English: 03-5774-0992 telljp.com
Osaka - Japanese: 06-6260-4343 spc-osaka.org
The above sites maintain links to related resources in other cities and other formats like chat and text.
LifeLine 1588-9191
Suicide Prevention Hotline 1577-0199
Embrace: https://embracelebanon.org/ Phone 1564
Emotional Support Service for Adults: https://www.viltieslinija.lt/ This is the agency that's reached through the EU standard emotional support number 116 123
Additional phone, in-person, and online options for adults and youth available here: https://tuesi.lt/noriu-bendrauti/
SAPTel: http://www.saptel.org.mx/ (55) 5259-8121 Currently offline as of 2020/10/08 We're looking for an alternative but haven't identified one yet.
IMSS Covid-related crisis line: http://www.imss.gob.mx/prensa/archivo/202010/683 800 2222 668 opción 4 M-F 8am-8pm
0800-0113 https://www.113.nl
New Zealand
0800 543 354 Outside Auckland
09 5222 999 Inside Auckland
Kirkens SOS offers phone support and chat: 22 40 00 40 and http://www.kirkens-sos.no/
Directory of additional resources here: https://www.psykiskhelse.no/hjelpetelefoner-og-nettsteder
116 123
SOS VOZ AMIGA: 21 354 45 45 or 91 280 26 69 or 96 352 46 60 (Daily, 1600-2400h) http://www.sosvozamiga.org/ Telefone da Amizade: 22 832 35 35 or 808 22 33 53 (Daily, 1600-2300h) http://www.telefone-amizade.pt/
0800 801 200
0800 300 303 or 021 6623 393
Samaritans of Singapore: 1800 221 4444 https://www.sos.org.sg/
South Africa
LifeLine 0861 322 322
Suicide Crisis Line 0800 567 567
mind.se phone: 901 01 chat: https://chat.mind.se/ Both available 0600-2400 daily.
Directory of other services here
Samaritans (www.samaritans.org)

Shout - Crisis Text Line UK (https://www.crisistextline.uk/)
Helplines for Men from thecalmzone.net:
ChildLine (childline.org.uk), for those 19 and under:
Papyrus HOPELINEUK, suicide prevention specialist service for children and young adults (under 35) Hours are 9am – 10pm weekdays 2pm – 10pm weekends 2pm – 10pm bank holidays
Directory of suicide-related services: http://www.supportline.org.uk/problems/suicide.php
Landlines 0800 84 83 (7pm to 11 pm)
(FREE) 2400 84 83 (24/7)
Cell phone lines 095 738 483 *8483
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2021.12.04 04:16 windbreeezer Anthurium pedatoradiatum flowering!

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2021.12.04 04:16 yesimbs Took my home to downtown Jacksonville

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2021.12.04 04:16 jr_planet_earth Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Spawns after Coral Bleaching Episodes

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2021.12.04 04:16 coalcrossing Inviting someone else's villager to the resort

I've been wondering, is it possible to give souvenir chocolates to another person's villager? I doubt it, but if it's possible that would amazing
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2021.12.04 04:16 BDMis17 $2 for the vids

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2021.12.04 04:16 HankMotion Terrible Rankings

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2021.12.04 04:16 GoGoPowerGrazers Mods are asleep, post Gareth and Dawn!!

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2021.12.04 04:16 ProAssassin84 Motion Tracking ball needs removed or nerfed.

Next time you play look at the Mini Map on a objective and see like 5 or 6 balls per objective point. This is a problem. The objective points are so small one ball is enough yet everyone throws them everywhere. Battlefield 2042 visibility isn't a issue with the no cover maps yet we have spotting everywhere.
You're at a disadvantage if you don't use them. I feel like I'm spotted all the time in this game more then any other Battlefield. We already have drones,wall hacks,shooting showing up on mini maps and more.
You should only get one per life with resupply would help tremendously and they need to have a smaller radius of tracking. This would make them more of a tactical approach then throw and forget gadget.
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2021.12.04 04:16 heres-my-stuff Way to go HNN. Real fine reporting.

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2021.12.04 04:16 the8bitericshow Halo Infinite! Let's Grind Some More!

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2021.12.04 04:16 MccrauecyHydrauz 🌟 Xmas Floki ⭐️ Just started! 🔥 31k Market Cap ! 🎄 Earn huge BTC Rewards 🥇 Participate in Christams lottery 🤶 X100 Potential 🔥 Promotions already started 🔥

CONTRACT: 0x1BB840A07FD437fbdF509120f8AE71D4C27f03eE
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Telegram: https://t.me/XmasFloki
Welcome to Xmas Floki! $XFLOKI
We present you $XFLOKI! The new Santa of rewards that you just need to hold and enjoy your BTC rewards that will automatically drop on your wallet every hour and also make you eligible for our lottery that will be held every week.
Rewards Fee
-Out of every buy transaction 5% will automatically be redistributed among Xmas Floki holders in BTC while on each sell that transaction will turn into 7% to provide even more rewards for holders.
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-Out of every buy transaction 3% will automatically go to our Loterry wallet while on each sell that transaction will turn into 5%.
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-We have also implemented a tax of 2% on each buy & 4% of each sell transaction to be added back into the liquidity pool. This will provide us a stronger floor and give a bigger incentive to hold.
Marketing Fee:
-3% of each buy & 6% of each sell transaction will be automatically sent in BTC (so we don't lose value at the same time) to a wallet which is going to be used strictly for marketing and development of Xmas Floki.
-After launch we will submit for an audit and it will be done in the upcoming week.
Xmas Floki Tokenomics:
-Total Supply - 1T
-Network - BEP20
-Burn - 50%
-PCS Liquidity - 45%
-Team Wallet - 5%
Total Tax:
- 13 % Buy (5% Rewards, 3% Lottery, 2% Liquidity, 3% Marketing)
- 22 % Sell (7% Rewards, 5% Lottery, 4% Liquidity, 6% Marketing)
Website: https://www.xmas-floki.net/
Telegram: https://t.me/XmasFloki
CONTRACT: 0x1BB840A07FD437fbdF509120f8AE71D4C27f03eE
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LIQUIDITY LINK: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x362569C8AEC0A9F0c2d658b57Df7575434795fd2
OWNERSHIP LINK: https://bscscan.com/token/0x1BB840A07FD437fbdF509120f8AE71D4C27f03eE
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2021.12.04 04:16 ex-sited If you didn't worry about calories, what would be your favorite breakfast?

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2021.12.04 04:16 QuernoDeChivo What doing LRC ?

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2021.12.04 04:16 breadddmilk Shitty week.

It’s finally Friday. I feel like I barely made it through this week.
It seems like every month I do something to embarrass myself out of social anxiety/social awkwardness and I ruminate on it for ages after.
On Tuesday I has an anxiety attack while speaking up in an online meeting and embarrassed myself in front of my whole team and other people in my company. Ugh. My voice cracked and I basically spoke gibberish and my heart rate went up so fast I could barely breathe. Wtf is wrong with me!? Everyone has been treating me extra nice and it feels like they pity me.
I feel like I don’t belong in this society.
End rant. I welcome any advice if you’d like to give any, thanks for reading anyway.
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2021.12.04 04:16 Knit-Kat I feel like I could scream endlessly if I allowed myself to release all of my grief.

The one year anniversary of losing my dad is coming up in February, and on Christmas it will be a full year since I last got to see him alive and be hugged by him. My time in the shower has more and more frequently become my time to cry and scream silently as I still try to process that these holidays will never be the same without him around. My screams get stuck in my throat like a suffocating lump that I can’t let out or they’ll never stop.
I’d give nearly anything to have one last day to spend with him or one more phone call to hear about his day and talk for hours.
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2021.12.04 04:16 gunzerrrr Can I take my girl friend to the vet? If she's a bad bitch

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2021.12.04 04:16 Crocs_19 A hypothetical for asriel coming back(just pretend the ralsie sprite is asriel) part 2 coming coming maybe eh don’t count on it

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2021.12.04 04:16 RykariZander Any turn-based RPGs under 20$?

I just beat Stick of Truth and now I'm ready to dive into a new story. The style can be more simplistic like Mario RPGs or more complex. I prefer to play a JRPG but I'm down for whatever. Thanks for the help
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2021.12.04 04:16 PenPaperTiger Eztv website causing Android Chrome crash

Does anyone know why my browser is crashing every time I visit eztv? I have a new android phone and Chrome crashes everything I try to load this page. I have tried other pirate websites and this seems exclusive to eztv. I have cleared my cache, restarted phone, etc. I am not tech savvy and have been using eztv for years so this stumps me.
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2021.12.04 04:16 nelsonisanitwit HEY SECRETIVE SCMC, YOU'VE DESTROYED ANY TRUST THE CHURCH HAD. HEY NELSON, YOU'VE DESTROYED TRUST! MormCORP has destroyed trust. You can buy anything in this world with your billions, but you can't buy back trust.

HEY SECRETIVE SCMC, YOU'VE DESTROYED ANY TRUST THE CHURCH HAD. HEY NELSON, YOU'VE DESTROYED TRUST! MormCORP has destroyed trust. You can buy anything in this world with your billions, but you can't buy back trust. submitted by nelsonisanitwit to exmormon [link] [comments]