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My internship isn't giving me what I want, and I guess I'm glad to recognize it

2021.12.04 03:57 plsdontread My internship isn't giving me what I want, and I guess I'm glad to recognize it

So kind of a rant I guess.
It has always been my dream to work on complex issues, develop code, create systems, etc.
The idea of creating something has always fascinated me.
I always gave this internship my 100%, meaning any new ideas, any new tech, I always wanted to use the latest and greatest.
Today I realized that most of it has gone to vain, and today I began to realize what my manager is doing.
For reference, all our code is outsourced, but you still need coders to guide the outsourcing company to make smart practices. Something I have never done.
He threw on to me a task that really isn't THAT important, I think he did it in response I took initiative by asking some seniors some questions about a previous project.
This project was supposed to give me the "freedom" I want and to go to make an app, but the more I look into it, the more I realize I'm the cousin that you give a dead controller to at thanksgiving.
So today I stopped
Didn't quit, hell, I'll even do a good job in my new "PM Role" (Let's face it, thats exactly what it is).
But I am glad I recognized that the fulfillment that I wanted, monetary or personally, won't come from this job, or maybe any job in particular, and I have to do my own thing.
So something for those going into job expecting to find fulfillment in a way, just recognize when your efforts of being a A1 dev are going to vain, and are better allocated on a personal project
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2021.12.04 03:57 username-idekername What is the lab hygiene like in your lab?

Im relatively new to working in medical labs (3 years), i come from a primarily food-service background. I have been shocked at the low standards of cleanliness and orderliness in my lab.
Aliquot tubes get piled into bins that never get cleaned, no concept of "flipping" or "FIFO". The countertop areas underneath and around centrifuges, PCs, printers, bins etc are filthy with dust and god only knows what else. Crusted serum gets left on loader trays when they are emptied. People toss thawed ice packs in the freezer in jumbles so theres no space and they freeze into unweildy shapes. Its common to tear one or two random jagged holes in the side of a bag of new tubes rather than cutting open the top. People tear the zipper top off a pack of inoculation loupes we use for urine cultures and leave them out in the open, even though the package says to store them sealed. There is 0 training in how to use a flow hood to prevent contamination when preparing slides, aliquoting, or salinating tissue to be sent for culture, as long as you put your grimy gloved hands into the hood and go through the motions, its all good.
My previous lab job had higher standards, though it was lower volume, fewer staff, and dealt primarily with tissue to be used for transplantation. Asepsis was a big thing over there. I know my coworkers are working at a fast pace to deal with the considerable volume of specimens we receive, but i just cant sympathize with the sloppy standards in my lab. I raise these concerns with coworkers and management and get shrugs. Maybe im just particular and this kind of lab hygiene is actually the industry standard? Maybe none of this stuff that disturbs me personally actually affects test results? What's your lab like?
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2021.12.04 03:57 Flat-Profession-8945 Bloons TD Battles 2 XP Changes are really good, but there's still a long way to go if it wants to surpass or be great as its predecessor.

So with the XP changes, grinding became a bit easier especially if you have more losses than wins in this game. However, this game still has problems we need to address and hopefully Ninja Kiwi loosk through it.

  1. Different platforms of this game are not treated equally.
If you know what I mean, compare the Steam version of this game to the mobile version of this game. In Steam, there are daily rewards, while on mobile there are not. And the XP boosts you have to watch an ad on mobile while on Steam you don't have to. Is this fair for players who don't have a phone or for players who don't have as PC? No! Ninja Kiwi needs to look through this so it's a fair experience for everyone on any platform playing this game.
  1. This game automatically loses to players who got their game crashed first or lose internet connection.
I feel like this is a huge problem especially if the game will go to tournament settings soon. This game can be laggy and can crash due to a million balloon sends or 100 monkeys attacking balloons simultaneously for 3 minutes. There's no 30-second timeout like BTD Battles 1 whenever someone has bad internet. It needs to have that to give players a chance.
3. Smurfing, Intentional Disconnect
So this is one of the bigger problems of BTD Battles 2. Smurfing. If you guys don't know what it means, it's when a higher player creates a new account to play against the new or inexperienced players. This is to grind for towehero XP or to bully the new players. This game has no benefit on climbing unless you want to flex on people that you got into a high tier or the eaderboard or look for the ranked icon by the end of the season. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE, will have the same XP and rewards no matter what elo you're in. This needs to be addressed.
There's also the intentional disconnect on LOBBY. (For smurfing reasons as well.) Whoever disconnects on the lobby will automatically lose trophies, but the other player will receive NO Trophies. So apparently, people will waste a minute or two not getting into a match and not getting the rewards. This needs to be fixed.
4. Lacks advertisement
Has anyone seen an advertisement for the new game, Bloons TD Battles 2 around Google Play, or on the App Store? A good game is well known if it's advertised and spreads the news to bring in the fun. Bloons Tower Defense Battles 2 lacks advertisements. Unless it's advertised in their other games, Ninja Kiwi needs to bring in a trailer that BTD Battles 2 is out NOW.
What other problems this game have? Let me know down the comments below!
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2021.12.04 03:57 JohnBauer84 Tentative de phising. Sur le coup j'ai cru à un complot 🤣

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2021.12.04 03:57 Tsunami2356 “dragon for war” *requests valkyries*

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2021.12.04 03:57 Floor-Proof Gli imprenditori e il lavoro che non riparte. "Ecco perché assumiamo", "Ecco perché non ce la faccio"

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2021.12.04 03:57 hanky1979 Ringo Starr and Heather McCartney, 1968

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2021.12.04 03:57 rastroboy I work as a Valet.. told him he had to park it himself 🤢

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2021.12.04 03:57 _birkoff Zekrom raid now. Will add 10. Add 6554 1954 3425. Show online. Don’t leave before 15 sec

6554 1954 3425
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2021.12.04 03:57 ReDust09 Monster Mountain in Badlands

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2021.12.04 03:57 ZoolShop Sergio Pettis knocks out Kyoji Horiguchi to retain Bellator bantamweight title

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2021.12.04 03:57 Freeyoungboy2021 Thug welcome room on ch didnt even have 1k ppl while he tweeted out the link. This fanbase different, we brought that app back to life 💯

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2021.12.04 03:57 Icebeamy I wish that Discord actually showed which gifs were trending

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2021.12.04 03:57 tezuka_specter LF Daytona/Amaj Equip 324604313

Hello everybody! Looking for a daytona with an amaj equip to clear spacetime. My ign is zKinuy and my friend code is 324604313. If anyone adds me, Thanks a bunch ahead of time!!!
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2021.12.04 03:57 BrushMoments Bois Ask, Gals Answer

Too much girl’s ask shit where’s our privilege to ask?
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2021.12.04 03:57 YouGotSnubbed Lyssa (Bloodlust Combatant)

“Go ahead, Paint me as a villain. But remember; none of you are heroes when you’re begging for mercy”
Real Name//Riley Cooper
Home World//Harmony
Born to the most Decorated and Beloved Pilot in the Frontier; Jack cooper, Riley “Lyssa” Cooper was always in her father’s shadow. Seeing all that he had accomplishment, how could she ever live up to her father’s Legacy? Yet the world never let her forget how much better her father is than her.
Her father did what he could to quell her inner-demons; Remind her that he’s still a human beings with shortcomings and imperfections, and that she has so much to offer to the world than just being his daughter. But it felt cop-out to her. A remark that never lasted long in her mind. She looked for anyway she could finally prove her worth, and then she found underground fighting arenas that spanned all across the outlands. She joined those Arenas, and quickly began a name for herself, using what her father had taught her and some tech of her own design to become a power-hungry killer.
These Arenas showed something dark within Riley. That feeling of Inferiority was gone, but it was exchanged with an overpowering Bloodlust and need for Domination. She was feeling the best she ever felt in her life! Until her Father finally caught on. Jack Cooper saw what she had become and demanded of her to stop fighting. She didn’t need to prove anything to him. She was perfect in his eyes.
Riley took this as an attack on her own Skill. He wanted her to become that scared little girl again, and she couldn’t have it. She left him; deciding that she wanted to forge her own path in the Apex Games to finally prove she isn’t her father; she was better.
Tactical (HoverBoard)
Passive (KillStreaks)
Ultimate (Fired Up)
Temporarily ride a hoverboard for 8 seconds that increases your movement speed by 40%, reducing loss of momentum, while also using walls as pseudo-ramps.

PASSIVE//KillStreaks Gain a stack after Knocking/Killing an enemy. Each stack reduces Weapon handling speed by 10% and decreases Hoverboard cooldown by 5 seconds. Max is 3 stacks
ULTIMATE//Fired up Infuse both of your weapons with Amped damage for 18 seconds, increasing damage by 20% and Lyssa heals herself by 50% of the damage dealt to enemies. The Duration is reset after every Knock/Kill.
*Ash Ash-Reviving-Lyssa
A: You’re father was an exceptional fighter. tell him that I request a rematch. With no Vangaurd titans to protect him.
L:Yeah… me and him aren’t really seeing eye to eye anymore. But if you want a fight, I’ll give you a fight.
A:You are not the one I wish to fight, little girl. I have bigger priorities then humoring a child like you.
*Valkyrie 1-Lyssa-Reviving-Valk
L:Wow, don’t go down in flames like that, Kairi. Wouldn’t want you turning out like your father.
V: What… what the hell do you know about my father?!
L: Well a little a birdie told me that we were more connected than you’d think…
L:Tsk tsk tsk, Kairi, their aren’t any vanguard titans around so why are you falling to peices? Just like your daddy…
V: You think your funny, psycho freak? Do you know who killed my father or not?
L: Don’t be a grump, Kairi~. Now lets move. Speed IS life after all, right?
*Bangalore Lyssa-Thanking-Bang
L: Thanks, Grunt. Lets just hope you never have to face a pilot in a fight. Wouldn’t be pretty…
A: You sound alot like the last Pilot I fought on GridIron, and now… I’m using their knife in here. Dont make me cut your tongue out, Smartass.
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2021.12.04 03:57 Beneficial-Fig6120 Any known or speculated significance of Bill Harford repeating nearly every line that is spoken to him?

Wondering if anyone had any idea as to what could be inferred from this. There has to be at least 10 lines, all spoken from females, that he repeats back to somebody. Am i thinking too hard into this? It seems like it was purposely written into the script.
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2021.12.04 03:57 m8ncman Thousand trails? I’m using it, not sure if it’s a scam or what.

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2021.12.04 03:56 Gac_2 Hey, pirates just remembered I have a year-old gilded Athena quest! Haha <3

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2021.12.04 03:56 gamecity360 If I am playing completely F2P, how many epic base packs can I get before the season ends?

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2021.12.04 03:56 sHqUiDd Spooky champ, Spooky region.

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2021.12.04 03:56 AllarixRex Parte del acuerdo de libertad de YosStoP: Hacerle cakitos a su abogada

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2021.12.04 03:56 Bentusks An old Review of our local McDonalds.

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2021.12.04 03:56 Prior_Ad_3440 Guaranteed Admission to UC's?

Apparently, I am in the top 9 percent of California high school students applying to UC's. What does this mean for my admittance chances, I applied everywhere but Merced and Riverside?
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2021.12.04 03:56 Abiezeis 1 question

If I attach a pendulum monster using time thief retrograde to my time thief redoer Time thief redoer recognize the card like a monster or spell?
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