I've got me one hell of a Fenrir

2021.12.04 04:24 Warrobotsgamer I've got me one hell of a Fenrir

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2021.12.04 04:24 nikopkmntcg Onlyfanbypass.com to unlock anyones content for free

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2021.12.04 04:24 edgelordinfloral New crops & fruit needed

I haven’t done much more than the basics on my island so what I have is pretty limited. Looking for an island I can harvest a good variety.
Thanks so much in advanced. 🐹
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2021.12.04 04:24 mlcast0319 Playing Minecraft with friend come join us:)

Link in comments
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2021.12.04 04:24 jaheard2020 Why does my molluscum look like this rather than a single spot? (Doctor has confirmed i have molluscum about 1 month ago) (yellowing around skin is from iodine)

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2021.12.04 04:24 Scared_Box5655 Relative male

Relative male
It was a normal day for Peter Griffin and his family. Himself and Lois are sitting on the couch, Chris is in his room sleeping, Stewie and Brain are in the kitchen eating sandwiches, and Meg is just there. Just then, Peter gets up and looks at Lois angrily.
“Petah? Are you ok?” said Lois
“NO! I CAN’T FIGURE OUT THIS STUPID QUESTION! >:((((“ said Peter in a rage.
Lois was confused, as just a second ago they were watching a documentary on National Geographics about the plausibility of the Loch Ness Monster being real. She asked “ What question?”
“In the hit manga/anime series ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind’ do you remember when the main protagonist Giorno Giovanna drank the tea?” said Peter (still angry btw).
“Oh yeah. I remember that scene! Abbacchio peed in that cup and gave it to him. Didn’t Giorno turn his tooth into a jellyfish to suck up the pee?” said Lois.
“Yeah. Now here is the kicker. When did Gold Experience turn his tooth into a jellyfish?” asked Peter.
Lois asked “What do you mean, he did it before he drank the tea.”
“But where was the Gold Experience? He drank the tea after telling Bucciarati that everything was ok. At that time, the gang would have been looking at Giorno since Bucciarati was behind him.”
“What point are you trying to bring up here?”
“I’m trying to say that the gang would have seen Gold Experience turn the tooth into a jellyfish. He couldn’t have changed it before, since he didn’t know it was pee until he smelt it. At that time, all eyes were on Giorno. According to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Fandom Page, Golden Experience could only put life energy into things through it’s fists. That means he couldn’t have changed his tooth in the time that he drank the pee.”
“P-Petah? Are you saying that he drank the pee and then turned his tooth into the jelly to cover up?”
“It’s plausible. He IS Dio’s son after all. The reason why he's saying that he soaked up the pee with the jelly was because his brain was refusing to admit that he drank pee”
“Petah that's insane”.
Peter runs to the kitchen. Seeing Brian, he grabs him by the tail and swings him around like a ball and chain. Lois and Stewie look on in horror as Brian is swung around the room like the ceiling fan.
Peter then perfectly times the momentum and lets go of Brian’s tail, sending him flying at 40mph straight at Lois’ head. The impact kills both of them instantly.
“NOOOOOO” says Stewie
Stewie runs upstairs, where he meets Meg looking in horror. Stewie nods. Meg nods in agreement. Meg and Stewie quickly make their way to Stewie's room and open the door to his secret armory. They enter and Stewie presses a button at the back of the armory.
“I haven’t needed to use this thing in a while, let's hope it still works.” said Stewie.
The armory opens up, revealing the sun. just then, an infinitely wide dildo appears from the floor.
“I call it ‘the pube sprayer’” says stewie. “The ultimate being”.
“Last time you used this was in 1945 when the allies bombed Hiroshima” said meg
Stevie grabs the large falice and gives it to meg. It has a note on it that says bald monkey cock written in all caps and in blood font. Just then, Peter breaks down the door, completely naked except for a belt with shurikens scotch taped to it.
“Pregnant… lactating… Latinos” says Peter
“I’m gonna kill u” says Steve
Peter grabs Joe and holds him at gunpoint.
“I want to love you.. but I can’t” says Peter
“Peter. You don’t have to do this. Holds shenanigans” says joe
Peter then starts beating joe to death with his wheelchair
“Come on joe. Stand up for yourself” says steve
“Ok” says joe standing up
Peters then kills joe
In an instant, Meg is seen in the distance flying a WW1 plane right into the house.
“Uh oh spa get” says steve grabbing meg
The plane crashes, causing flames to erupt everywhere.
Peter stood up from the fire, burned to a crisp.
“I can’t believe it’s butter. It doesn’t feel like a Friday” Peter then keels over and dies in the family guy position.
Zooms out of the house while playing the simpsons theme song
Chris wakes up. Godly beams of light pours out of his eyes.
“Takes off Chris mask, turns out its Bart Simpson” says quagmire
Chris takes off his leg, revealing he is barp sipsim from the simps.
“I’ve been looking forward to this. Steve”
Steve is in the room
“It doesn’t feel like a Friday” says Steve
“I like one Pokémon. Get a quarter dude. Eats pant” says barp
“Oh please musty head ass” says Steve
“ pat rick star show. The simpsons. Meep city. Says the most iconic line from the much beloved Simpsons tv show oh please musty head ass” says quagmire
“oila uchun o'ldirish kerak” says Steve ( in Japanese)
Steve rushes forward, summoning his stand, ‘Dirty Queen Done The Cheap.
“bu ENDI” says Steve in Japanese.
“It’s ability is to reach into dimensions and grab people, turning people into bombs to attack the person I wanted.” Says steve again in japanese
“So it’s the same type of stand as Star Platinum” says quagmire
“Also it stops time”
“NVM. It ain't the same”
Quag pulls out star platinum and shoots steve, Killing him instantly
“ bu qanday bo'lishi mumkin? men Stiv! men STEEEEEEVE !!!!!!” Steve says as he dies.
Quag looks at the destruction caused by the battle.
“War… war never changes. Battlefield V: coming on November 9th” says quag
A massive boom is heard in the distance. Quag looks over the horizon and sees a giant being. It’s Galactus. He makes his debut.
“Giggity giggity giggity I’ve been expecting you to show up” says quag
“Never bet on Black. never Bet on black.Are you ready Peloton?” says Cleveland
Quag turns around and sees Cleveland standing there, holding a gun, pointing at quag.
“No” says quag
“No” says Cleveland
Cleveland shoots, but Star Platinum catches the bullet.
“Nice try sussy black” Says quag. “ you can’t kill me, I’m god”
Quag then turns into Jesus.
“….ha ha ha” says Cleveland. “HA HA HA HAAA”.
“ Why are you laughing sussy black?” Says quagjesus
“Your name. Je-SUS! YOU ARE THE SUSSY BITCH!!!” Says Cleveland
Quagjesus starts to break open like a butterfly coming out of a cacoon.
“I’m bouta bust!😩😩😩” Says quagjesus dying.
Quagjesus exploded and died. Cleveland stands there, butt naked
“Bruh” says joe
Cleveballs kills Joe also.
\Zooms out of house while playing Lego Ninjago theme song* Destruction everywhere, Naked Cleveballs with his m1911 and his newly acquired stand, Oh Please Musty Head Ass, prepare to confront galactsus. Who will win the fight? Tune in next time on FAMILY GUY. *continues to play Lego Ninjago theme**
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2021.12.04 04:24 hex_crypto_bull Compared to Dec/20, the 5555 CDs issued on Nov/21 grew 52%, a faster growth rate than that of any other CD term group! At the same time, the shortest term CDs, those issued for 16 days or less, shrunk @ the fastest pace during the same comparison period. Long-term pays!

Compared to Dec/20, the 5555 CDs issued on Nov/21 grew 52%, a faster growth rate than that of any other CD term group! At the same time, the shortest term CDs, those issued for 16 days or less, shrunk @ the fastest pace during the same comparison period. Long-term pays! submitted by hex_crypto_bull to HexCryptoReport [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 04:24 Acceptable-Sort-8429 In the last 60 minutes, $1,390,000,000 got liquidated due to Bitcoin flash. In less than 30 minutes, Bitcoin price has moved from $52,000 to $42,000, leaving the market in turmoil of liquidations. Today's crash is the second biggest in terms of impact after March 11th 2020 !

In the last 60 minutes, $1,390,000,000 got liquidated due to Bitcoin flash. In less than 30 minutes, Bitcoin price has moved from $52,000 to $42,000, leaving the market in turmoil of liquidations. Today's crash is the second biggest in terms of impact after March 11th 2020 ! submitted by Acceptable-Sort-8429 to CryptoCurrency [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 04:24 Guacamayo-18 What kept the Roman Empire from falling?

The Fall of the Roman Empire in Big Capital Letters gets a lot of attention…but considering that we’re talking about a large unwieldy empire with lots of external and internal pressures whose subjects had reason to resent it and which for much of its existence all but institutionalized the military coup as the normal way to transfer power, why didn’t it fall sooner?
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2021.12.04 04:24 musicallover2196 30 Era vs Before

I’ve been watching lots of videos of Adele recently on YouTube, and it is mind blowing to me how much she’s changed (I mean in temperament, not discussing physical changes), but how much she’s also stayed the same.
Not sure if anyone else feels this way, but with 21 and 25 eras, it just felt like she had a lightness about her in how she interacted with the world which is not there now (and yes, I know it’s likely because of how much she’s gone through recently).
I feel terrible about this, but sometimes I feel like I need to grieve over losing the old version of her. I feel terrible thinking this. I am so proud of her for fighting through everything she’s had to go through, and I’m so relieved that she is able to find her joy again. But it’s so hard these days to reconcile that 21/25 Adele and 30 Adele are the same person. It’s so weird to think that 21/25 Adele is no longer in the world. Does anyone else feel this way?
She is still funny and down to earth as always, but I guess I got so used to the “bravado” she had before (which I remember her saying, in recent interviews, she no longer has). Perhaps the “bravado” was a more extreme version of her charming personality, or it could have been a way to deal with her fame. I know people grow and go through things and change, and I still love her, all the same. I was just wondering if anyone else could relate; would help me feel so much less alone.
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2021.12.04 04:24 Costalflame The true levels of power

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2021.12.04 04:24 Maattata Morning Makeup

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2021.12.04 04:24 TheMayMayMakers Sorry, (Post by u/RegularNoodles)

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2021.12.04 04:24 Le_Novelti what should i(22M) do if i fell inlove with a married woman(29F)

okay so.... i met this woman from work.... we hit it off and later i find out shes married, not too long after we start talking, she tells me, but that doesnt stop me from pursuing her because at the time i wanted just what most men want.... fast forward a few months i am seeing her all the time. and we are both inlove with eachother. i can see it in her eyes and such that she clearly feels something for me to, and she tells me all this too she says she wants a life with me etc... i need some opinions on wether i should continue with this or not, or if shes just lying/using me. etc and yes, before i read 100 comments about it... i do infact feel like garbage for doing this to another man, but i feel how i feel now and i cant go back
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2021.12.04 04:24 lloydblack Captain Tsubasa Vol. II: Super Striker - #22 Japan - South Korea

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2021.12.04 04:24 Shaymins_Gracideas Something I realized now at 2 am

I felt compelled to share this with you all— I feel like I made a post like this before, but my memory has seen better days so here it is again—
You are your only barrier to being able to communicate and form a bond with these beings— and there isn’t a uniform or concrete truth to any of this. It’s all about faith, as I’m finding out.
Now, the word “Faith” gets a bad reputation, because of its evangelical past— and present— at least from what I see. But the human belief is more powerful than it seems!
Think of it this way: Let’s say you’re trying to pass a written test back in grade school. You get stumped question after question, and you lose belief that you know anything. Well, if you continue to think that way, your efficacy goes down— meaning, you won’t put any faith into the questions toward the end, and get a bad grade. now, if you keep trusting your knowledge, you’ll get where you need to be— and most likely not give up.
and the same goes for communicating with guides, from what I can tell.
Trust you have the ability- which you do!— and keep going forward. Don’t try hard to communicate— trust you’ll pick up on something when you are open— however you feel more receptive.
Now, don’t let anyone tell you you’re doing it wrong! Have confidence in your intuition, and yours alone— how your guides appear, how they act, how they look, is on an individual basis, and never in stone ( unless if you believe them to be).
If that dream you had last night felt like it was about spending too much money, it probably was! You received a vision during meditation that you thought was comforting? It was intended as such! a second opinion is always welcome, but your guides in particular know you, and will play on your unique way of thinking to get your attention. :)
I’m gonna regret writing this, as with most 2am things, but too late to go back now! I just figured I’d share— and even my views, too, are influenced by my way of thinking— so don’t let me sway you too much. You’ll find your answers ;)
I’m still working on stuff myself, so take it with a truck of salt. I’m gonna look back at this later and find out I’m not speaking English, oops
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2021.12.04 04:24 mikeman7918 "Hey, I was going to eat that!"

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2021.12.04 04:24 ArabianHorse18 How is the administrative side of nursing like?

For those of you who got an MHA after your degree I'm a little curious about this.
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2021.12.04 04:24 uniderth Used this dip to lower your average!

I still have $800 sitting at $0.39. But I've been averaging down with these lower prices. My average is now below $0.20. Hang in there! 🐶🪙🚀🌙 💎👐♾️
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2021.12.04 04:24 Scalermann I'm about to hit a devious lick off Libgen (instead of someone's desk)

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2021.12.04 04:24 OkLiving4665 26/PST/Xbox/Halo

Anyone wanna play some halo tomorrow? I just started playing 2 days ago and I’m having a blast so far but I’d like to play with people that actually have mics
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2021.12.04 04:24 breezyflu ASUS TUF Gaming VG28UQL1A vs lg 27gp950-b, which is better?

So I’ve recently found out that Asus’s VG28UQL1A exists and after looking on a comparison website the two look almost the same, say for a few key differences (namely that the LG seems to be able to overlock to 160hz among a few pixel/color related things). I’m wanting an hdr capable, 1ms response, 144hz refresh rate, and 4k monitor to play games on max settings over hdmi 2.1 and both these seem to fit the bill. What do you think, Reddit? Give Asus a chance or go with the fan (and critic) favorite LG?
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2021.12.04 04:24 CricketXperts Bhai TLP ne Sialkot Waqia ke Muzammat ki hai to phir hum unke peeche kyun pare huye hain?

Bhai Mein ye keh raha hoon ke "Why TLP Bad?" kya huwa mujhe koi kuch samjhao Bhai
Mumtaz Qadri ne jo kiya woh kyun Ghalat he Downvote karne se pehle kam az kam Explanation do
Kya Humein France jo kar raha hai uska koi jawab nahi dena chahiye
Not saying TLP good But mUjhe Koi Samjhao Yar Dimagh Kharab ho raha hao Kuch Samajh nahi aa raha
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2021.12.04 04:24 caffeinatedweekend Chapter 112/CXII "The Departure" Reading Discussion (Spoilers up to Chapter 112)

Synopsis: The Count visits the Morrells and departs with Max to Marseilles. Upon arriving they revisit the Canebiere where they see Albert leave. Max goes to visit his father’s grave and the Count goes to his Father’s old apartment and meets up with Mercedes where they have an interesting conversation before parting ways.
Discussion Questions:
1. The count tried to console Morrell at the beginning of the chapter as well Mercedes in the courtyard and tried to convince them both that things aren’t as bad as they seem But they both, especially Mercedes, seemed to be beyond consolation. Do you agree with their outlook, or do you agree with the Count’s outlook? Was the Count right to try to cheer them up, or should he have been more empathetic to their points of view?
2. Mercedes says that she doesn’t accuse Edmond or hate him (not to mention not blaming her husband!), but she instead blames herself for all the sorrows in her life and for Morcef’s death. Do you think she should feel this way? Do you think that she was a coward as she says? Do you agree with the way that she aggrandizes the Count in this chapter even though we all know he was the catalyst this whole time?
3. The Count at one point towards the end tells Mercedes that she should have at least kept half of Morcef’s money. She says that Albert would not approve, and the Count says, “But if he accepts what I want to do, would you cheerfully do the same?” What is it that you think the Count wants to do with the Morcef fortune? Do you think he wants to take control of it and use it however he sees fit?
4. I’ll have to admit, this is not the way that I envisioned the Count’s old apartment being used when he bought it towards the beginning of the book. I had thought that he would go back and live there, and maybe even live there happily ever after with Mercedes, instead, it seems like Mercedes is going to live out the rest of her days there alone. (Also – is this going the last we see of her in the book!?) How did you feel about how the author chose to end things between the two in this chapter?
5. Any other thoughts you had while reading? I'm kind of struck with how open-ended Dumas is leaving all of these secondary characters and I'm getting worried we won't see them again... What's going on with Valentine, Haydee, Danglars, Noirtier, and Villefort?!
Last Line: “But her voice, almost involuntarily, muttered softly: ‘Edmond, Edmond, Edmond!’
Previous Chapter’s Discussion: https://www.reddit.com/AReadingOfMonteCristo/comments/r4i4oy/chapter_111_cxi_expiation_reading_discussion/
The next discussion on chapter 113 will go up on Wednesday, December 8th.
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2021.12.04 04:24 d4nzoe Crazy Island Seed with Village and two Shipwrecks on spawn

Its pretty hard to get some Island / survival Island seeds in 1.18, so I thought I'd share this awesome seed i came across.

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