Batman: The Long Halloween, does it still hold up?

Only they hold the answers to the trauma of her past and fear of the future. ... This new edition of an all-time classic features the gripping sequel to Batman: The Long Halloween with new cover ... Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, often simply called Legends of the Dark Knight, is the name of several DC comic books featuring Batman.The original series launched in 1989 as the third major monthly Batman title, following the popularity of Tim Burton's 1989 film Batman.Many of the stories follow the tone of Frank Miller's Batman: Year One.The series differed from other Batman titles of ... The TV adaptation of R.L. Stine's landmark series can still entertain viewers. Originally airing from 1995-1998 as an anthology series adapting author R.L. Stine's acclaimed series of children's ... Tim Burton's first Batman film brought the popular DC Comics character to life and triggered a massive pop culture craze that dominated every corner of 1989. This was a dark, atmospheric and exciting Batman film that didn't pull any punches, and portrayed the character the way influential writer Frank Miller had intended.. RELATED: 10 Best Batman Comic Issues Of The 1980s Publication. The initial idea for the character of Azrael stemmed from a two-part story idea pitched by Detective Comics writer Peter Milligan circa 1991, as he was leaving that position. After line editor Dennis O'Neil decided to expand it into a larger epic, he and the Batman line writers Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench and Alan Grant convened an authors' summit over a long weekend to flesh out the ... The Long Halloween is both a great mystery, among the best told in Batman's long history, and a new look at the Dark Knight's early career, when the status quo of Gotham City was changing. Batman, Robin , and Catwoman can team up to hit the neighborhood in search of the best treats, but while The Riddler is busy trying to vex the neighbors with tricks and riddles, Wonder Woman can provide a watchful eye over her superheroes in training. When it comes to taking the yearly photo of the group, just let each member bust out their ... Tim Burton's blockbuster film about the eponymous superhero that took the world by storm in 1989 and started the Batman Film Series.. Billionaire Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton) has been fighting crime in Gotham City as Batman for some time when this film starts, but is an enigma to a city unsure of both what he is and whether he even actually exists or if he's just an urban legend. George Clooney is reflecting once again on his failed turn as the iconic superhero Batman in the 1997 movie Batman & Robin. The 60-year-old actor and filmmaker spoke at a Q&A after a screening of ... Recently you played Poison Ivy in the Batman: The Long Halloween movies, which I thought was really cool. They also recently announced a 10th year re-release for Batman: Year One, which you played ...

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Batman: TLH is one of the character's most famous stories, getting an animated movie, being referenced in tons of other Batman media like videogames or movies and overall being considered one of the best comics Batman has ever starred in, a long with generally being considered the best thing J. Loeb has ever written. And honestly, when I first read The Long Halloween I hated it. I hated the artwork, the pacing, Batman and considered this iteration of Two-Face's origin story to be a vastly inferior version of some of his other origins. Nowadays, I'm a lot more calm towards it. The book has a lot going for it after all. The artwork is ocassionally a bit wonky, but for the most part the artwork and panelling really fit well together, creating a series of iconic panels, like this one, or this and many more. Along with that it has a nice Noir feeling to it, which is probably why it was also released in Black and White, but I wouldn't recommend it as the coloring gives a lot of the comic personality. And the overall story is prety engaging for the most part, with solid writting and arcs being completed. The covers are also great. However, despite all of it's many good parts, I cannot recommend it as it also contains a whole truck full of flaws, which I will be discussing today.
The artwork The artwork is probably the best part of the entire comic, but it has it's issues. Some weaker looking panels are forgivable, but my main gripe is the way Batman's rogue gallery is drawn, particularly the Joker. Solomon Grundy looks more like Tombstone in a torn up suit than an undead zombie, Catwoman wears a hideous purple outfit, Ivy has leasev for hair instead of her iconic red hair which just make her look akward and don't even get me started on the Penguin or Scarecrow. Batman also looks a bit akward as he's drawn to be stacked so much that his muscles look like they'lle explode any second, his shoulders are so wide he probably struggles going through doors.
Batman's incompetence For "The worlds greatest detective" you probably wouldn't attribute it to Batman in this story. He is constantly being outwited, too late, has no clue what's going on and needs directions from Calendar Man to even come up with basic schemes. He essentially doesn't get any solid victories up until the end when he defeats his villains all at the same time and even then this happens. Now, it's completely fine to have a protagonist lose, but Batman not only constantly losses, but he also never gets anywhere close to solving the Holiday killer case either. Heck, Catwoman is shown to be more capable as she saves Batman from Poison Ivy and is shown to be able to deal with Batman's enemies even better than him. You just kinda wish that you were following her for most of the story instead.
Movie references TLH makes a lot of movie references. Particularly to The Godather and Silence of the Lambs. Carmine Falcone is essentially Vito Corleone in everything but name, while Calendar Man is essentially just Hannibal Lecter. The problem is that these aren't just some small references, they're integral to the plot which makes them jarring. You shouldn't be making references so that it becomes clear that your characters have no identity of their own and instead you're just ripping off scenes and character from other works.
The pacing Another annoying part of the entire story is just how much it drags. Because I guess Loeb decided to make it 13 issues and couldn't be talked down from it we just get large parts of the story where no progress at all is being made. Like, we spend one issue Batman and Ridler discussing potential clients and it's extremely obvious that all but Harvey Dent obviously aren't going to be the killer, just to end with a plot twist of nobody dying. You also get a ton of two page spreads and while the artwork is good, they're so often unnecessary, like the comic is just padding out for time. It really feels like if the book would've benefited from being cut down by an issue or two. This also goes with basically no progress being made on the case up until the very end, yep nobody left a single clue for Batman or the GCPD to even come close to solving the case, despite one of the murderers being a frail woman who didn't have any former experience commiting crime.
Weird character behaviour Due to having a large cast there's quite some weird moments where characters do things that they usually wouldn't. Like, the Joker really cares about Holiday for some reason and then goes to steal a families Christmas tree and presents in order to give them to Harvey because he suspects Harvey, before going and complaining to Falcone about Holiday. Why does he care so much anyway? If the Joker wants attention he would've just blown up a building or two. Along with that, everyone just follows Harvey after he lets them out of Arkham for some reason. Heck, Ivy wasn't even in Arkahm, yet she somehow got tangled up with the crew.
The ending I've already talked about my problems with the ending (you can read it here), but in short after a really clever callback, we get a lame plotwist which essentiallly just confirms that Loeb didn't think the whole mystery story through and wnated to be shocking instead.
Harvey Dent I wanted to talk about Harvey Dent. His slow turn to insanity is one of the main plot points of the entire book as he slowly losses himself and becomes Two-Face. My problem is that he's way too involved in the case, even writting down lisence plates and going to interrogate suspects, while being a district attorney. Also, his big turning point seems to be failling to convict Bruce Wayne, which is really weird. In Two-Face's first origin story, Eye of the Beholder, the big turning point is failling to convicta savage serial killer. Eye of the Beholder also had the benefit of focusing exclusively on Harvey and along with stronger writting is the superior Two-Face origin overall.
Conclusion TLH does have a lot of good things going for it, but due to a meriad of minor gripes the story just kind ends up falling apart by the end due to Loeb's weaknesses as a writer. If you thirst for some Batman detective stories Batman: The Imposter is currentlly really good and Hush is overall the stronger mystery story that has come from Loeb.
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There really are 50 WHOLE states huh?
Wild. And yet NJ, MI, and like 7 others still holding out
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Hello all me again Mr newbie lol. What would be a good starter T. What im hopping is to get one that is more likely to be miled manerd. Bigger in size and I would rather to start with one with out those ritialating hairs I think that's what there called. So if im right would have to be old world. Correct me if im wrong lol. Any help would be appreciated. And thank you in advance.
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About two weeks ago my pIxelbook has been having issues connect to the wifi, failing a DHCP lookup. Wondering if anyone is having these issues and how i can resolve it. All other devices connected to the Wifi are fine, it seems isolated to my pIxelbook.
It's very frustrating because it serves as my work device to Google cloud services.
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I was just wondering since this is the only app that shows who likes you for free.
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I dont care if that makes me a bad person. my mom have a daycare and this baby has been non stop scream crying for like 3 HOURSSS!!! AHHHHH FUCK BABIES, she just wants to be held and we cant bc we have to take care of the others. I HATE BEBES 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
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Hi :) I’m fairly new to this and wanna do the Han Solo thing, so, mostly running around doing some light crime, and so I want a Millenium Falcon-style ship that’s not overly big, tough, or hard-hitting, but can run away from basically anything, which in ED terms means I want to be able to boost away from most threats and high wake out.
Right now I’ve got a mostly A-rated cobra that’s lightly engineered (still figuring out how engineering works tbh) and gets to about 460m/s normal and 510 boost - as I understand it that’s faster than pretty much anything that’s not engineered, but a lot slower than the max with engineering?
So my question is, how fast does a ship have to be to be considered “fast” and outrun the majority of other ships, player or NPC? I know there’s always gonna be faster ships but I’d like to have something that’s quick enough to be reasonably confident of getting away from a threat before exploding.
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