Looking for roommate

2021.09.27 21:30 11cmoge Looking for roommate

Hey! 24M living in Old Town, looking for a roommate at the end of the month. I manage a restaurant here in Old Town and am a student as well, so I'm always busy. Looking to snag a building in the complex I'm in right now (Shadow Ridge 64th & Osborn) because it's a great location and very close to my job. Leave a comment if you're interested and we can grab a drink sometime to talk things out!
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2021.09.27 21:30 age-2149 soy nuevo en reddit algun consejo para utilizar bien reddit

alguien que me explique como funciona el karma , cuantas comunidades hay en español , las monedas para que sirven ? etc porfavor me puedes ayudar
hay comunidades no puedo publicar algo me lo borra automáticamente ayuda
consejos y experiencias.
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2021.09.27 21:30 Fdr_productions THE BOYS PLAY - NIOH

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2021.09.27 21:30 zachparker7 Average Rent Prices in South End

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2021.09.27 21:30 MasterDimentio90 A discussion about wholesome relationships in Nintendo. (Discussion)

So I was having a discussion about Nintendo games with a buddy of mine today, and it really made me realize how whole of a relationship Bowser has with Jr. I daresay that it may possibly be the most wholesome relation of anything shown in any first party Nintendo series.
I mean there was an entire video about the Switch's Parental Controls dedicated to Bowser and Jr. So I want to discuss this with all of you because I am curious. Out of any first party Nintendo series, can you think of any relationships equally if not more wholesome that the one Bowser and Jr share?
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2021.09.27 21:30 AssortedCooking "Crispy Potato Bites"- Nice and crisp on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. Quick and easy to make.(Recipe in the comments)

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2021.09.27 21:30 Scopeexpanse Before the prep begins

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2021.09.27 21:30 Ilikewubbox Seasons

What will happen with the seasons when FH5 comes out.
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2021.09.27 21:30 Ceraphim1983 Shower Suddenly lost pressure

I was taking a shower and heard a "pop" noise, at the same time the water pressure dropped dramatically. I quickly turned off the water as I was worried it was suddenly spurting into the walls somewhere but I've found no evidence of any leaks anywhere despite the water staying on for about a minute after the noise in the time it took me to shut it down.
I'm sorry I can't provide pictures or anything, but it really isnt a visible problem unless its inside the wall somewhere that I can't get to. But is there anything easy I can check before I have someone come and open up the wall?
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2021.09.27 21:30 koranfighter Neuer Budget PC

Hallo, ich habe mich für einen I5 10400f für meinen neuen Budget Gaming PC entschieden. Ich hab in diversen YouTube Videos gesehen, dass die deaktivierung des Powerlimits einen ziemlich großen Leistungsunterschied ausmacht. Nun bin ich mir nicht sicher, welches Mainboard die deaktivierung des PLs erlaubt, und ob es sich aufgrund der begrenzten RAM-Geschwindigkeit bei B460 Brettern lohnen würde, ein B560 trotz des Aufpreises zu nehmen. Welches Mainboard würdet ihr mir empfehlen?
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2021.09.27 21:30 AmericanNewt8 [SUMMARY] Chinese Military Procurement 2027

Name Quantity Unit Price Total Cost Notes China Allocations Budget 2027
Chengdu J-20B 30 $72,000,000. $2,160,000,000. $137,552,137,357.97
Shenyang J-16 30 $60,000,000. $1,800,000,000. $135,752,137,357.97
Chengdu J-10C 30 $30,000,000. $900,000,000. $134,852,137,357.97
KJ-500 3 $200,000,000. $600,000,000. $134,252,137,357.97
Y-9JB/Y-9XZ/Y-9G 3 $200,000,000. $600,000,000. Lumps in all EW/ELINT/etc variants $133,652,137,357.97
Shaanxi Y-9 5 $60,000,000. $300,000,000. $133,352,137,357.97
Xi'an Y-20 5 $150,000,000. $750,000,000. $132,602,137,357.97
Xi'an Y-20U 5 $200,000,000. $1,000,000,000. $131,602,137,357.97
KJ-3000 2 $200,000,000. $400,000,000. $131,202,137,357.97
Xi'an H-6M 6 $75,000,000. $450,000,000. $130,752,137,357.97
Hongdu JL-10 12 $15,000,000. $180,000,000. $130,572,137,357.97
An-124 4 $240,000,000. $960,000,000. $129,612,137,357.97
Wing Loong II 50 $2,000,000. $100,000,000. $129,512,137,357.97
Chengdu Cloud Shadow 12 $30,000,000. $360,000,000. $129,152,137,357.97
Guizhou Soar Dragon 4 $60,000,000. $240,000,000. $128,912,137,357.97
Harbin Giant Eagle 20 $50,000,000. $1,000,000,000. $127,912,137,357.97
HQ-9/variants 15 $100,000,000. $1,500,000,000. Batteries $126,412,137,357.97
HQ-16 20 $50,000,000. $1,000,000,000. Batteries $125,412,137,357.97
HQ-17 30 $20,000,000. $600,000,000. Batteries $124,812,137,357.97
ZTZ-96A 100 $4,000,000. $400,000,000. $124,412,137,357.97
ZTZ-99A 50 $6,000,000. $300,000,000. $124,112,137,357.97
ZTQ-15 100 $3,000,000. $300,000,000. $123,812,137,357.97
ZBD-05 80 $3,750,000. $300,000,000. $123,512,137,357.97
ZBD-04A 100 $3,000,000. $300,000,000. $123,212,137,357.97
ZBL-08 100 $2,000,000. $200,000,000. $123,012,137,357.97
PCL-181 48 $2,500,000. $120,000,000. 155mm truck howitzer $122,892,137,357.97
PCL-161 48 $2,000,000. $96,000,000. 122mm truck howitzer $122,796,137,357.97
PLZ-05 48 $3,125,000. $150,000,000. 155mm track howitzer $122,646,137,357.97
PLZ-10 50 $3,000,000. $150,000,000. 120mm tracked mortar $122,496,137,357.97
PHL-16 24 $15,000,000. $360,000,000. $122,136,137,357.97
CAIC Z-10 24 $30,000,000. $720,000,000. $121,416,137,357.97
Harbin Z-19 24 $20,000,000. $480,000,000. $120,936,137,357.97
Z-18 60 $30,000,000. $1,800,000,000. $119,136,137,357.97
Type 004 1 $12,000,000,000. $12,000,000,000. $107,136,137,357.97
Type 055 2 $1,500,000,000. $3,000,000,000. $104,136,137,357.97
Type 052D 3 $900,000,000. $2,700,000,000. $101,436,137,357.97
Type 075 2 $500,000,000. $1,000,000,000. $100,436,137,357.97
Type 040 3 $900,000,000. $2,700,000,000. $97,736,137,357.97
HQ-29 4 $120,000,000. $480,000,000. $97,256,137,357.97
DF-41 12 $80,000,000. $960,000,000. $96,296,137,357.97
Mi-8 60 $2,000,000. $120,000,000. $96,176,137,357.97
TOS-2 12 $5,000,000. $60,000,000. $96,116,137,357.97
Mi-26 6 $100,000,000. $600,000,000. $95,516,137,357.97
VA-11 20 $2,000,000. $40,000,000. $95,476,137,357.97
Type 095 2 $1,500,000,000. $3,000,000,000. $92,476,137,357.97
Type 096 1 $3,000,000,000. $3,000,000,000. $89,476,137,357.97
Amur-950C 2 $900,000,000. $1,800,000,000. $87,676,137,357.97
Shenyang J-31 24 $66,666,666.67 $1,600,000,000. $86,076,137,357.97
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2021.09.27 21:30 ProfessionalShit69OG Found on bruhmoments

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2021.09.27 21:30 HighOnTheSound 💸Open your Webull brokerage account with my link and get (2) TWO FREE STOCKS! Plus, Spin the wheel to Win Free Tesla or AMC STOCK! No minimum deposit! Limited Time! Join Today! https://a.webull.com/KjZ6T4uuexZv4vP0yf

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2021.09.27 21:30 RestingBitFace plz call amblance

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2021.09.27 21:30 Special-Corner9242 6328 9165 2577 pls

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2021.09.27 21:30 AgentP-501_212 The problem with "What is degeneracy?".

Vaush said this during the Charlie Kirk debate regarding gay marriage if I am not mistaken and it doesn't sit right with me because this logic can be used to justify a plethora of disgusting behavior.
Whether he believes these things or not, Vaush has essentially provided us with an argument as to why we should let people have sex with their dogs, why adults should be allowed to have sex with "consenting" minors, why parents should be allowed to approach their children for sex once they reach the age of 18, etc, etc.
"What is degeneracy?" is a very hollow, short-sighted argument that I would NEVER use to defend gay marriage. I make the distinction to homophobes by telling them it's okay because gay adults can consent with each other while children cannot consent to adults even if they think they know what they want. Their brains are still developing and there is an inherent power imbalance between what adults can do and what minors can do. It always turns into a form of exploitation.
I have already seen the emergence of incest support groups of the sibling and even parent-child variety attempting to normalize these kinds of relationships in the public eye and it's bloody disgusting. We need to have lines as human beings or other-wise Conservatives were right when they said Gay Marriage was a slippery slope and the Left was bluffing when they said "Nah. That won't happen. We're just talking about gay marriage."
Open up the floodgates. I don't care if this post gets downvoted to hell because I'm still on the fence about Vaush, admittedly. Especially after learning he once told Destiny that he's okay with lying to support his narrative if the net gain is reducing harm. If he ever clarified or retracted that statement, I'd like video proof.
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2021.09.27 21:30 Fdr_productions THE BOYS PLAY - NIOH

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2021.09.27 21:30 Imalawyerkid Question about Over the Top (1987)

Hawk (Stallone) is a member of the independent truckers arm wrestling league
He is going to Vegas to compete in a double elimination competition against the best arm wrestlers in the world including Bull, undefeated in 5 years
Now Hawk loses his first round, which is both tragic and fine, because it is a double elimination contest- they say this over and over
Hawk makes it to the final against none other than Bull, who they again boast has not lost in 5 years (and there are no scenes of him losing a qualifying match in the montage).
So why does Hawk win the entire contest when he beats Bull once? ITS A DOUBLE ELIMINATION TOURNAMENT! Does anyone know anything about arm wrestling tournaments? Is the double elimination rule thrown out the window for the final match? Or is the advantage going undefeated in a double elimination tournament that you get to the finals a match earlier than someone that lost? Thanks to anyone with some answers.
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2021.09.27 21:30 Lorotzelotzarich Israeli dies from poisoned 'Nice Guy' drug

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2021.09.27 21:30 FreePrinciple270 Women want fish me fear me

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2021.09.27 21:30 FitzyOhoulihan Littorio Porn: Roma & Vittorio Veneto [2000x1333]

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2021.09.27 21:30 lazyinlove Sony SRG-300h camera PTZ controllable in Vmix?

I'm moving from a Tricaster system to a PC built with VMix in mind, and I was hoping to be able to control the cameras we already have installed in our space with the Vmix PTZ controls, in addition to a Sony RM-IP500 surface. All of the cameras are run via LAN into a network switch alongside the PC and the Sony control surface and said surface works fine, but I cannot get Vmix to connect to the PTZ controls. The Vmix menu and some sources I've googled all mention VISCA over IP, but I am not sure how this should be wired... should I use one of the VISCA RS232 or RS422 ports on the back of the camera and convert that to RJ45? Can this be done with just a LAN cable from the camera to the switch and potentially I need to reconfigure the settings on the PC LAN port?
Thanks in advance~
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2021.09.27 21:30 bitterwort Flash sheet I finished up today! CC welcomed

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2021.09.27 21:30 scaris2000 Can someone find an HD image of this but without the words “spider-man” in it?

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2021.09.27 21:30 IsaacDestruction [USA-NJ] [H] Paypal [W] (Mini-ITX) 1060 6GB / 1650 Super / 1660 / 1660 Super / 1660 ti

Preferably cards that are 170mm or shorter so it can fit in my case.
I have a $350 budget and open to offers.
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