PSA: Scott Cam was right. Hot showers in cold air are amazing.

2021.09.27 22:34 katanapiranha PSA: Scott Cam was right. Hot showers in cold air are amazing.

The week that Josh and Luke installed the outdoor bathroom, Scotty mentioned that he enjoys hot showers in open, cold air.
Let me just say, my man is on to something. It is currently about 6 degrees in my apartment, the water is steaming hot, with the shower and bathroom doors wide open.
Game changer. Give it a go.
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2021.09.27 22:34 FalselyOptimistic Looking for a VERY specific type of book

This is an ask from an instructor (I'm an academic librarian). Looking for a fiction text organized as vignettes, i.e., the chapters are connected, but can stand alone as stories in themselves. Moreover, it'd be lovely if the vignettes moved in reading difficulty from somewhere near the 900 to the 1100 lexile level (6th to 9th grade). He does not have a specific book in mind, just seeing if there is anything like this. Anyone know of a book like this? Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.27 22:34 CZonin5190 PC Not Sleeping After Update from 10?

I just installed 22000.194 the other day and I noticed that my PC no longer goes to sleep. I've tried changing my power plan and setting different timers for sleep to start, but it never happens. Anyone else run into this?
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2021.09.27 22:34 alaskansteve Joey’s Impact On Future Generations

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2021.09.27 22:34 aluxesxd Way to make the Oghma Infinium not disappear?

So, I'm wanting to make a series of mods that change things about the Daedric Artifacts in Skyrim SE, and while there's not a whole lot I can do with the Oghma Infinium, there has always been one thing I've wanted it to do so if nothing else I want to make it not disappear after using. Does anyone know how to tweak the Creation Kit script so that it won't disappear after you use it?
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2021.09.27 22:34 golemus Man With No Name - Teleport (Dreaml4nd remix, draft5)
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2021.09.27 22:34 broskeymchoeskey Looking for that one specific piece of fanart

You know the one artist who recreated a bunch of renaissance paintings but replaced the people with 88 members? There’s one for Joji and I want to use it as a phone background but I can’t find it
Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Pls help
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2021.09.27 22:34 Budget-Song2618 HBO's Anti-Maduro Propaganda Is Cruder Than Venezuelan Oil

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2021.09.27 22:34 Zealousideal_Usual12 Trade offer is now live

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2021.09.27 22:34 Usual_Guarantee5859 Post Treatment Labs

Hi there, I just wrapped up chemotherapy on August 17 for stage II / borderline III NSHL. I received 2 cycles of ABVD… My interim PET was Deauville 2. I then moved to AVD for the remaining 4 cycles. My final PET (last Monday, Sept 20) showed no change and no evidence of hyper-metabolic activity though there is some evidence of residual fibrous masses (2cm in mediastinum, down from 10.4cm).
I just had my follow up appointment today and overall my oncologist was very pleased. I did have a few concerns about my post treatment labs, which my onc said were probably just a “red herring”. They are as follows -
Todays (9/27) labs: Eosinophil abs count: .63 x 10E9/L Hematocrit %: 39.4% Hemoglobin: 13.6
Prior labs (8/17 last chemo) : Eosinophil abs count: .15 x 10E9/L (have never been elevated) Hematocrit %: 37% Hemoglobin: 12.7
Is this anything to be concerned about? My oncologist didn’t even want to address it but I’m a bit concerned this could be a prognostic indicator or showing that the disease may not have been eradicated. Appreciate any guidance. Thanks.
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2021.09.27 22:34 SallyMcSaggyTips [PS5] [Help] [Demon’s Souls] Can’t beat Dragon God, anyone mind helping? Thanks in advance.

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2021.09.27 22:34 sadhummus64 Is it a good idea to include multiple majors in the "Why do these areas appeal to you?" Yale supplemental?

Hi, prospective student here! Currently writing my supplementals for Yale and I'm wondering whether it's a good idea to include multiple majors in my interests instead of a single one. Yale is known for putting a heavy emphasis on "AND" and allowing students to explore multiple paths at once. Should this be something I keep in mind when I write this essay?
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2021.09.27 22:34 Particular-Guest-680 Tony Awards: 2021 My Reaction!!!

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2021.09.27 22:34 trueworldnews Lekso Saičić, crnogorski kapetan koji je pobijedio japanskog mačevaoca 1905. godine za vrijeme Rusko-Japanskog rata. [/u/MatijaReddit_CG]

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2021.09.27 22:34 cyberdivorce (Deltarune ch2 spoilers) DON'T MENTION A CANON NONBINARY CHARACTER'S GENDER ON REDDIT. WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE.

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2021.09.27 22:34 StarsAtLadakh "Hinduism should be eradicated from the world, their temples should be demolished, those teaching Yoga should be treated as drug mafia & shot dead" A pastor from west.

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2021.09.27 22:34 Rafi_Rahman_2002 Can someone please give me an explanation.

Can someone explain to me what those last 8 pages mean. I feel even more empty compared to ending that was give to us in April. Still love the manga tho.
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2021.09.27 22:34 plauge_e_us Change my mind... Lue is literally building a fan base so he can sell you information he’s said a million times already

I firmly believe that this is the type of guy who will play off you wanting to believe in aliens, by saying the same info over and over a different way each time
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2021.09.27 22:34 Jximii Advice on fiancé who is traveling for work

My fiancé M34 and I F28 have had our ups and downs. Due to that it has led me to not trust him. This weekend he’s going away to do a security job and I am trying to be optimistic and positive but I can’t get these negative thoughts out of my head. He’s a very secretive person and he likes to keep everything to himself. Plus when he gets upset with me he like to ignore me or turn his phone off. Last time he didn’t come home until 6 am and I honestly don’t trust him. I need advice on how to cope with this situation. I obviously can’t tell him he can’t go and even if I spoke with him about it nothing will change. I’m at a point where I’m starting to realize I don’t want someone who travels for work. It’s too much and my anxiety is so bad right now.
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2021.09.27 22:34 dimsum_id Minerstat detect more GPU than actual. That leads to permanent error message.

Minerstat detect more GPU than actual. That leads to permanent error message. Hallo guys,
Minerstat always gives me an error message "GPU Error Not enough VRAM" and as I open the message they meant VRAM on GPU2. I only have GPU0 and GPU1.
How can they detect more GPU than I actually have?

GPU2 Error
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2021.09.27 22:34 withanEY Those who found Lamictal helped anxiety…

Did it happen right away at a lower dose? Or did you not notice a difference until you were up to higher doses?
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2021.09.27 22:34 kofijohnson 23 M4F Looking for a cougar that needs accompaniment

I've always been into older women. Message me and we can talk measurements :) I love giving foot and back rubs.
I'm in South SJ
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2021.09.27 22:34 Blueys1299 Stitch Fix does not expect shoppers to splurge this holiday season

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2021.09.27 22:34 lordofscorpions Dave are really getting a run for their money out of "suprisingly adequate comedy"

we get it lads, you finally branched out of top gear re runs
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2021.09.27 22:34 topst Galera dos times entrando em peso no mundo das criptomoedas/tokens

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