new upload, check it out and lmk how you like it

2021.09.27 22:12 icekeyprod_ new upload, check it out and lmk how you like it

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2021.09.27 22:12 Pale-Engineering-184 I’m stuck and I feel like I’m being held hostage by my family’s pressure. And I desperately need help and advice.

I’m 17 years old and I’ve been raised a Jehovah’s Witness all my life, my moms been a witness since birth, and my dad has been a witness for over 30 years. My parents do not know that I no longer want to be a witness, I want to be able to marry and date whoever I want to, and there is just absolutely no way I will want to waste my life doing something i don’t believe in. The reason I feel as if I’m being held hostage is because my parents have repeatedly threatened me with what they will do if I were to leave the organization. My mother has told me she wouldn’t be able to live with the idea, and she would kill herself, and my father told me he would disown me. Part of me doesn’t believe my mom would actually take her own life, and another part of me fears she really would. I am in the absolute most frustrating and stressful situation I’ve ever been in. All I ask from you guys is to please please give me advice with what I should do.
(FYI, I’m not in a huge rush to let my parents know that i will be leaving the organization, I just want to plan ahead because this situation is extremely difficult for me and even more so scary for me)
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2021.09.27 22:12 illegal_____smeagol Why would you feature boots in your email and site header, but make said boots difficult to find?! I can’t find these on the site

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2021.09.27 22:12 cantxhooseanamesmh Emsat exams

Hey there, So im trying to get into any university here and they require emsat, im looking at medicine related courses but sadly they require math and Arabic. While some unis also want physics. With so much going on in life im having a mental breakdown. I dropped maths after grade 10 and most of the stuff asked in advanced I have never even learnt it. I need 900 which is like 45% but seems like a huge target. The other subjects are like my 11th. I'm doing a levels rn. I really dont know what to do and how to manage, any tips is all wat I want
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2021.09.27 22:12 SachielBrasil Prime Items/Void Relic checklist chart

Prime Items/Void Relic checklist chart Hi! Just sharing with you all.
I've being working on this "Prime Items check-list", for some time, so I know what I can farm now, and which relics are already "useless" to me.
It lists every Prime item and Void Relic ever available. It shows which item/relics are Unvaulted, how many Unvaulted relics contains the item, and auto-rules out a Relic from the list once you mark every item inside it.
I often update and print it, every few game updates, so I can rule out items by hand, or make notes.
I'm still upgrading it, but I can provide a download link, in case anyone is interested.
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2021.09.27 22:12 A_Man_Who_Writes The Man in the Tool Shed

To this day I can't recount the experience without my toes going numb and a frigid bolt of fear shooting up my spine. It was otherworldly yet visceral, and so immediately in my face that I haven't been able to deny its occurrence. I've tried so hard in vain to either forget it or write it off as a bad dream, a bout of rare sleep paralysis.

This is my first time describing the memory in full detail.

At the time I was living on the second floor of a two-family which sat at the dead end of an empty road. The area was swampy, mosquitos fought for airspace, and one could easily bust an axle driving down the road. For these reasons a majority of the homes on that street were vacant.

The night was blacker than usual. Rather than looking out the kitchen windows, my friends and I looked into them. Maybe we can see the afterglow of each other holding their beer in the darkness, we thought. Like the burned images behind eyelids.

Steve got up to crack open another round of beers and throw some fries in the oven. Hunger was making us drowsy and wild. By this time the garbage pale was showing off its crown of smelly innards, so I turned to yank the bag out and yield its weight down the stairs.

"Back in a minute, guys."

Down the stairs, step by step, the bag thumped against the planks like a body. I suddenly felt I had to rush. I swung open the back door, crunched through the ice-covered snow to the dumpster, flung the trash like an Olympic hammer throw, and made my way back into the warm light of my apartment.

While Sitting at the table with the hoppiness of the beer filling my mouth, something about the window beside me caught my attention. It struck me that it was no longer opaque--no--the security light was on in the back. I had turned it on with my movement. There was now a white ground surrounded by a sea of black, but I could faintly see the jagged arms of the pine trees waving, the blustery wind causing them to shake and whistle, as if they were screaming.

Then I noticed my footprints in the snow. One set led to the dumpster, the other set leading back. But there was something strange about the set leading up to the dumpster. Right where the tracks should have ended and turned around, they cornered the dumpster and continued into the woods. The footprints went south of the property about fifteen feet and then vanished.

My friends must have noticed my preoccupation. "What are you seeing, man?" One said.

"Uh, nothing--nothing," doubting myself.

"Really, John, what the Hell is it? It's so damn dark out there I can't imagine anything being of interest."

"Footprints." Catching my breath. "I never went beyond the dumpster, but my footprints continue on around back of it."

"Then they can't be your--"

"No, it's seamless. They're my footprints."

"All right, then, where do they go?" Now he sounded patronizing.

"I'm not blind, nor stupid. Into the woods. Gone. I have to go check. Doesn't make sense. I saw no one. Neighbor isn't even home."

"Don't do it, man."

"I have to," I said.

"But the fries."

"I'll be right back."

My forehead glazed over with perspiration and my legs felt like gelatin. I wanted to shut the ugly truth out of my mind, but something pulled me toward those footprints, something powerful, undeniable. I now know it was something sinister.

I put my coat on and trudged into the snow. The sky had a milky pallor. The trees howled above me and my eyes began to water in the cold. I bent down, placed a finger in one of the footprints. Eight horizontal bars with squiggles between them; same patter, same size. The prints were mine, and they deep into the forest. That was a nature preserve, and the wilderness spanned dozens of miles in all directions. One could make a misstep and never return. But I had to follow those tracks. A small, deep voice was saying, "go on--hurry."

I ran somewhat frantically, tripping and falling over the underbrush several times. After about ten minutes of sprinting in blind fury, a deep orange light formed ahead. I stopped and crouched behind a felled oak tree to catch my breath. My chest heaved and my throat felt chapped with ice.

I army crawled as close as I could to the light, until it filled the surrounding area. Finally I could survey the land. Behind a boulder I observed strange figures hung from trees on ropes and a massive fire pit lay cold in the middle of a clearing. A round piece of wood spanned the diameter of the fire pit, supported by ladders on both sides, like an oversized rotisserie. There were holes dug in the snow which formed some sort of letter or ancient hieroglyph. In the holes were articles of clothing, watches, phones, stuffed animals. A few feet to the right of the fire pit was a worktable with a spread of tools; some ordinary tools like wrenches and saws, and some I'd never seen before. Most were sharp and rusty, while a few were blunt and pitted. Beside the worktable was a small tool shed. The light emanating from it was so strong I had to look through the tiny space between my fingers.

I whispered to myself. "Why the--Hell did I come out here?"

That intolerable voice chuckled. "You couldn't do otherwise, John."

I froze with terror. I couldn't think, speak. My heart stopped and my stomach dropped.

Now a man exited the tool shed. He looked young and wiry. His joints seemed to turn in odd directions and his bones could be clearly seen through his skin. He wore nothing but shredded jeans and a stained white beater. He sauntered over to the worktable, moving like nothing I'd ever witnessed; the foreign among the familiar. Some alien, some monster--I was in the presence of a monster, and I felt the instinct to turn and run, but my legs wouldn't engage. My eyes were locked onto him. My body was petrified, and there he was, working, getting ready for something; I don't know what for.

He returned to his hiding place and fumbled around in what sounded like a full pantry. He came out with these long, slender pieces of flesh. I could smell the putrid remains. They were legs, arms, hands; he brought out a torso, a head with red sockets for eyes. Something goaded me, urged me on, pushed me out from my security behind the boulder. I began to cry.

"Stop it," I said quietly to whatever was forcing me to move. "Fucking stop," I wept. It dragged me forward and closer to the monster.

My body kept crawling toward him, despite my reluctance, and soon he could see me. Placing a bit of flesh in his mouth, He peered down at me, drooling. I looked into his cavernous eyes. It was me. Damn it, it was myself I was seeing! His face was my face. His body, an emaciated version of my own. The boots on his feet were my boots. I came close to fainting.

His voice was hot brass. He chuckled. "Well, aren't we just a spittin' image!"

I yelled from my gut something unintelligible.

"Now, now," he said. "Quiet now. Fran never made a stir, not a peep. I guess--I cut her off right quick." His laugh got louder. His grin twisted.

With fighting hope I swiveled my neck to glance around. Those figures hanging from the trees were bodies. The clothes were theirs. In his hand was the head of my downstairs neighbor. In his face was all the evil in the universe condensed to one image, and it was my own.

He reached down and placed a set of cold, bony fingers on my eyelids to close them. "This won't hurt." He frowned.

I was hurled into oblivion. In a split second I was on my bed, not beneath the covers, my legs dangling off the end. My coat was still on, and the bottom half of my jeans were soaked through. All feeling ended there. I sprung awake out of necessity and pulled off my boots. By feet were half frostbitten. I couldn't speak, and all I could see was that maniacal frown. I listened for a sound. The apartment was empty, silent, dark.

I can't explain what I saw anymore than my friends can. Well, they stay away from me now. I still want to call it a nightmare. But the frequent tingling in my feet and the faint red marks on my eyelids prove to me that it happened. Each night I'm reminded of what I saw, and my entire body aches with the longing to go back there and find him. The urge still exists; it yanks at my side. It pulls me in the direction of that lonely forest. The blackness envelops me and I can almost feel him, chopping up his own doppelganger, feasting on my legs. It might have been my destiny, but it was thwarted by some sober recognition. Some sick self-torture it would be to carve up one's own image.
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2021.09.27 22:12 DuplexSideA Unnecessary Deathslinger Nerf

I already see deathslinger so little as it is and it's always an easy match cuz he's not a strong killer. I don't see why he needed a nerf honestly.
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2021.09.27 22:12 TwinklesTheBarbarian Fall colors on Grand Mesa 9/25/2021

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2021.09.27 22:12 Dellatunara The Viking Slasher (Rep 19 warden) How It looks?

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2021.09.27 22:12 GrandmasterChad Anne Takamaki dressed in Dorothea's summer bikini (Artist: Sebu Illust)

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2021.09.27 22:12 Yodzilla I’ve been on a truck kick recently and I picked up a few rad ones at a flea market along with some other fun finds!

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2021.09.27 22:12 Levishema5 Is Himawari Lowkey THICC? (Analysis)

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2021.09.27 22:12 Scanfro My entire WiiU library is digital. Did I screw up?

Hello all,
My entire WiiU library is digital. I have no physical games and I am starting to get nervous. My external hard drive corrupted a game and I had to delete everything and reinstall it on the WiiU internal storage. This made me really nervous that I will lose my entire library at some point and if Nintendo stops supporting the WiiU eshop I am screwed right? What are your thoughts? Is my library safe or should I bite the bullet and start rebuying games physically?
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2021.09.27 22:12 alyxxxstorm Help for a faceless nonbinary newbie?

Hey everyone! I'm super super new to SW, just started posting nudes and XXX content on Reddit a few weeks ago and set up my OF a few days ago. There's definitely a big learning curve and I recognize that it takes time to build a following but here's my main question: when I was posting everything for free on Reddit, I was getting some decent engagement (a few posts with 150+ upvotes, quite a few horny comments, DMs, and chat messages, etc., over 125 followers in a week and a half on this username).
After I set up my OF, the last day or two I've only been posting teasers, censored pics, and less explicit photos trying to drive people to my OF, but not only have I not gotten any subs (even on my free OF), those posts are only getting a couple upvotes and zero comments. I've done a few that were blatant promos and a few that aren't (just links to OF in comments) and it doesn't seem to matter. Basically, I get upvotes if I'm not holding anything back and otherwise, no one cares. I don't know how to drive traffic to get subs to pay me for this stuff.
I'm transmasculine nonbinary (assigned female at birth, I don't actually identify as male but basically FTM and have an androgynous body) which I feel like is both a plus and a minus for me. There's def. a market for it, but it seems like 95% of subreddits are centered around women/femmes or at least people with tits (which I don't have anymore lol) and who aren't hairy. And even the general trans subreddits seem to skew really heavily toward transfeminine people/trans women. So there are only a few subs I feel like I can even post in to promote. I'm also faceless so that knocks out a bunch more. Do I have too many strikes against me? Is it even possible for me to get paying subs?
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2021.09.27 22:12 MichaStrichaah So I think I have a problem with being invested too much and I am puzzling on how to not do it.

Let me introduce myself: I am Micha 22 from germany. I am looking for advice on not to get emotionally invested soo damn fast so I am not in a permanently frustrated state (not enjoable 😂). I did not have a romantic relationship in 7 years in the past, and also the last time I was physical with a girl was last year in summer for 1 evening which was a bit of cuddling and some kissing. Also (as you might have guessed) I am a virgin.
So I think the problem is as follows: whenever I meet a girl I am getting some kind of frustrated or pessimistic so damn fast. The slightest feeling of not being noticed by the other party sends me too the darkest deeps. It is also mostly via whatsapp where I find this, when someone isnt responding to a message within 2 days or so. I start checking so damn often its just annoying and debiliating I think.
As an example the current situation: I met a girl at Jiu-Jitsu (japanese not bjj if you are interested) I we got along pretty good. Since I would leave the training group on monday because I went back to karate on mondays, I asked her for her number and she gave it to me. So. I asked her out a 2 times wheter she had some spare time this weekend or this week respectively. first time she said she has something to do but would text me if the had some free time spontaneously the second time she said she had no time at all because her week was filled up. After that I wrote something like "well, if you are interested and got the time, text me, ok?" 2 weeks passed nothing happened.
I know what you are thinking "well, just go on, whats the problem?".
The problem I am having is that I just met someone (who I think is beautiful) and I just can't get her out of my god damn head. I catch myself fantasizing multiple times a day about a person who I dont even know the damn last name of. Its ALWAYS like that and it always goes the same way with me being completely dysfunctional.
So clearly I must be doing something wrong if I would do it right I would not get so invested in a thing where you couldnt possibly even invest in emotionally.
Does anyone have any advice on how not to get emotionally invested until it makes sense and until there is even something to emotionally invest in that is more than 30 min of conversation and a whatsapp profile picture?
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2021.09.27 22:12 keithww Pipe fence tabs

I’m getting ready to put up a pipe fence with horse panels as the screen. I’m thinking posts every 16 feet with a top and bottom rail. I’d like to weld tabs to the posts and the rails to attach the panels to. Does anyone know of a good source for tabs like this, I’d rather not have to make a few hundred, if I can just buy some that were just punched out.
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2021.09.27 22:12 ConditionOk9449 Lien

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2021.09.27 22:12 DrumkitTracker Kingsway Music Library Vol. 4 by Frank Dukes

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2021.09.27 22:12 BaldoBojangles One piece creations - a log. Instructions: Rummage through your spare parts bin for a brown bar.

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2021.09.27 22:12 giacomifetente but hey, this is just my opinion (don't ask me to do a viator tier list as long i didn't hear it enough - i've only listened to pressed flowers, blessed act and the title track)

but hey, this is just my opinion (don't ask me to do a viator tier list as long i didn't hear it enough - i've only listened to pressed flowers, blessed act and the title track) submitted by giacomifetente to jackstauber [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 22:12 5card2boardplobmbpot Global poker newsletter pasword : BOOTS27

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2021.09.27 22:12 cdtmh That money that it's smart to keep aside incase all your positions go wrong, do you guys put that in ETFs? Or do you actually keep it to the side?

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2021.09.27 22:12 Sputnik_Rising Whoa

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2021.09.27 22:12 Yoshikage_Subaru Lil sketch I did yesterday for Joseph's birthday! (It appears sideways even though I flipped it-) I didn't have time to do anything too detailed or to do it digital because of school, but at least it's something! (´・ᴗ・ ` ) it also isn't finished, nor cleaned up ( ` ロ ´ ) whoops

Lil sketch I did yesterday for Joseph's birthday! (It appears sideways even though I flipped it-) I didn't have time to do anything too detailed or to do it digital because of school, but at least it's something! (´・ᴗ・ ` ) it also isn't finished, nor cleaned up ( ` ロ ´ ) whoops submitted by Yoshikage_Subaru to StardustCrusaders [link] [comments]